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I began my teaching journey with studio Pilates. This includes posture analysis, corporate classes, rehabilitation programming, 1:1, smaller groups, mat classes and so much more. I have worked with clients at all ages and stages of life, my focus no matter what is to make a meaningful impact on the mind and body. I’ve truly learnt how important this connection is for longevity and to feel like the best version of yourself.

After practicing and understanding Pilates on my own body, I became a Pilates instructor with the motivation to help others also move freely and confidently. A little way through lockdowns here in Melbourne, Australia, I started posting online mat pilates classes to YouTube to connect with a broader audience. Grounded has been formed through all of these unique experiences.

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Originally from a background in photographic and interior styling, I have always had an exceptional eye for detail. Small considered movements and changes can make all the difference. Design and Pilates principles integrate into my love for creating flowing and cohesive classes.

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